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Balloons Are Fun!

Balloons usually make people happy. Balloon Decor fits a variety of different purposes from corporate to private parties.  However, there are also some cautionary details to be aware of. Let's have fun and be responsible, considerate  and safety conscious too.

Columns displayed at Centennial Bank


The holidays are a great time to add some flair to your business atmosphere whether it is Veterans Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, St. Patricks Day, Easter or Mother's Day we can help you spark that holiday spirit.

Pool Decor in the Day

Pool Decor

Yes! Decorate your pool area for that special party celebration. In the pool, around the pool, above the pool. Imagine having that anniversary party around your pool with lovely coordinated colors, textures and shapes all about. Guess what. We can even put lights in the larger décor pieces! We have no shortage of pools here in Florida.

No Latex

Latex Restrictions?

We've got just the thing for you! Foils in different shapes and sizes. Plus there are Bubbles too. We can even stuff those Bubbles with some lovely colorful confetti or even light feathers. Did you know arches and columns can be made solely out of air-filled foil balloons? Did you know backdrops can be made from them too?


Back Drops & Stage Décor

Want to spice up that space behind you? Want to make those special guests feel special? When they cross over that stage and under a big arch, they won't forget it. That is just one idea we've got to help you with your event!

Custom Balloon Birthday Bouquet 75 Years

Custom Designed Arrangements/Bouquets

What are you going to get Mom or Dad for their special day? If your parents are like mine, they don't need candy, and their doctor would say so too. They're probably allergic to a lot more flora now than when they were younger. Most likely they've bought everything they need, or you've already gifted it to them. Bet they won't be expecting four or five feet of memories in a balloon arrangement.

Pro Environment Balloon Alliance

Serious Business

We have great respect for the environment. We do not support balloon releases and have a strict policy governing helium-filled décor. We advocate for the proper disposal of used balloon décor.