What areas do you service?

Our service area as of November 2018 is Charlotte County, South Sarasota County and the Lake Suzy area of DeSoto County.

We would be willing to travel beyond our service area; however, we will have to charge a larger delivery/strike fee.

Do you provide balloon bouquet delivery service?

We offer custom balloon bouquet deliveries. Our balloon bouquet variety is more extensive than it is for balloon decor. We can provide non-latex bouquets if requested. Note: most hospitals have non-latex balloon policies due to allergies.

Additionally, we are thrilled to be partners with Balloon Planet. You may also order balloons through our partner's website.

Custom Balloon Birthday Bouquet
Custom Balloon Birthday Bouquet
Do you personalize balloons?

We offer vinyl personalization of balloons.

Think of a message, name or symbol you would like to add.

Do you provide balloon decor for other than big events?

Yes, we offer smaller party packages or you may purchase by the piece.

​Classic balloon decor (arches, columns, walls) normally requires a generous amount of balloons. We carry limited balloon stock on hand and only in the basic colors (red, white, blue, green, yellow). If you need just a couple of pieces of balloon decor and we have the quantity and colors in stock then it is possible to fill your request on short notice.

What is the ordering process for event balloon decor?

We would be happy to consult with you or your event planner for your next event. Before the consult, we ask you to fill out an inquiry form on our web page. The inquiry questions will help with the initial information gathering and allow our meeting to be more productive.

Once we receive the inquiry, we will ask you to schedule an appointment and place/method for the meeting. We do charge a consulting fee of $50 upon the scheduling of the appointment. The consulting fee is refundable if you place an order (any order, it does not have to be about the consulting project), with Balloon Excitement that totals more than $300 (inclusive of taxes and delivery fee) within one (1) year from the date of the initial consultation.

Should you decide to book an event, we will send you a proposal for your review. Once you are satisfied with the proposal, we will send you a contract that you may electronically sign. We require 50% of the total amount to book the event and order the balloons.

The regular order and preparation time is a minimum of three (3) weeks before the event date.

The remaining 50% is due before any balloon decor will be delivered and set-up at the venue. We usually invoice electronically and offer the option of paying via PayPal or Square. If you would rather pay by check, cash or swipe your credit card in person, please let us know.

If you should need to add to the event order, this may be done with a sub-proposal and subcontract.

Do you provide rendering services?

We can provide a rendering of your event space with the approximate balloon decor illustration in that space.

We require access to the event space for the initial taking of pictures and measurements. There is a fee for this service and up to three changes to the rendering are included. The rendering fee is based on the complexity of the rendering. Rendering fees are deductible if an order for the project is placed.

Stage decor rendering using logo elements
Stage Decor Rendering
Mario Birthday Column
Mario Birthday Column
Custom 75th Birthday Rendering
Custom 75th Birthday Rendering
Does Balloon Excitement provide outdoor helium filled decor?

As a general rule, Balloon Excitement does not use helium-filled foil (mylar) balloons outside nor do we use metallic ribbon in an open outside area (caged in pools are fine). Loose helium filled foil balloons, and metallic ribbon is the cause of many power outages. Additionally, these types of materials are not biodegradable.

We provide tethered latex helium balloon decor outside but only under special circumstances such as memorial services. Again, we have many air-filled balloon decor options to offer for your outdoor events.

Do you provide 'Balloon Releases?'

No, we do not offer any balloon releases due to environmental concerns. However, there are alternatives to balloon releases. For example, a beautiful memorial piece of balloon decor that is a helium-filled tethered rosary bead.

What is better helium or air-filled decor?

Air-filled balloon decor is more reliable than helium-filled balloon decor. There are some arrangements of balloon decor will not work without helium. Many balloon professionals are experiencing problems obtaining helium due to a shortage. The price of helium has almost doubled between August 2018 and the end of November 2018. However, this is not the first helium shortage the balloon decorating industry has experienced.

Balloon decor professionals are relying more and more on air-filled balloon decor. Typically, we build air-filled decor on a framework, use special temporary ceiling attachments and employ different methods of 'stacking.'

Venue managers are happier with air-filled balloon decor too!